Websites for a Good Cause

Donating websites to kind-hearted organizations.

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Throughout my career, I’ve tried to do my part in making the world a better place. I’m constantly in awe of the everyday heroes bettering our future – like our teachers, nurses, veterans, human rights advocates, and more. While web design doesn’t necessarily change the world, I can help empower those who have devoted their lives to making a difference by giving them a platform to spread their message.


Featured Project

Elijah is a disabled pastor in Jonesboro and is in dire need of a service dog to help him improve the quality of his life. Here’s Elijah’s message to me when I gave him his first design preview for his fundraising site:

“Jeremy, I LOVE IT! Wow! You outdid yourself. I am so excited. This is amazing!”

Websites for a good cause - donated website to paws for a pastor

Nominate a Person or Organization

If you are in need of a donated website (or would like to nominate a person or organization), please review the requirements and complete the application below.


  • Trying to make the world a better place (not in it for the money)
  • Lacking funds to build a website to meet their needs
  • Must be able to pay for ongoing domain and hosting costs (Domains ~ $15/year and Hosting ~ $25+/month)


Donated Website Includes:

  • Suggested Site Map – Based on analysis of similar websites and modern trends
  • Custom Layout/Design – One-of-a-kind design made just for their brand
  • Social Media Integration – Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube links
  • Content Management & Training – Organization will be able to easily make updates
  • WordPress Platform – Access to thousands of plugins; easy to grow website
  • Standard Features – Homepage sliders, photo gallery, contact form
  • Other agreed-upon features as discussed


  • If applicable
  • This is your chance to tell me why the person or organization deserves to have a website donated to them.

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