The Website Owner’s Manual

Why the Website Owner’s Manual is important

It’s imperative that you keep up with all the routine maintenance your site requires to ensure your website continues to work well for your business. If you were to neglect these tasks, you’ll quickly watch your search rankings tank, see your site get hacked, and possibly get blacklisted from Google. Yikes! That’s why I’ve created a tool for you to create your own Website Owner’s Manual, which is a document that contains all of your website’s important information and required maintenance tasks. This is a document that I give to all of my clients once their website is ready to launch.

Website Owner's Manual
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Inside the Website Owner’s Manual, you’ll see a list of the Maintenance Schedule which will tell you when all the tasks need to be done, as well as Maintenance Assignments that will help you assign responsibilities of your website maintenance, security, and care to whoever will be handling this going forward. There’s also a section for you to list any recurring plugin, software, or other subscription license fees so you never forget about another renewal.

There’s also some common troubleshooting tips in case you run into any issues with your website down the road.

Of course, if you don’t have the time or technical know-how to keep up with the needs of your website, you can always enroll in my Website Care Plan. When you are subscribed to my plan, you’ll have me in your corner to help you with any website updates or issues you may have, plus I’ll keep your website up-to-date, backed up, and running smoothly.

To get your Website Owner’s Manual, simply fill out the form below and you’ll be taken to my free tool where you can create and download your PDF.

Written by <a href="https://www.websitesbyjeremy.co/author/wbj_editor_101/" target="_self">Jeremy Collins</a>

Written by Jeremy Collins

August 23, 2020

Jeremy Collins has been creating websites for small and mid-sized businesses since 2016. He's an ambitious entrepreneur who enjoys helping likeminded individuals and businesses succeed online.

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